With the powers of technology, we envision building a stronger version of capitalism that enables growth for the consumers who make businesses what they are.

There is nothing in the world that would unite citizens more than an updated technological version of capitalism.

Black Lives Matter can’t do it. Occupy Wall street /America couldn’t do it, and even the Women’s March can’t do it. Why not?? It is because currently, the most used, abused and marginalized group on earth is not the Blacks, or the Jews, or the Women, or the Latinos or any other minority group.

Currently, the most used and abused group on earth are consumers and the COVID 19 pandemic has exposed this better than anything else ever could!

We have outgrown our current version of capitalism because the wealth gaps being created have become intolerable and a vicious slap in the face to the masses.

If stock markets can lose trillions almost overnight (early 2020) and then gain trillions during a pandemic in the midst of main street’s economic devastation, the truth is revealed: equity wealth is just value creation by the privileged within a manufactured dream world of the privileged where hope is monetized by the privileged. Don’t you think ‘we the consumers’ deserve to benefit the same from the manufactured dream world?

How much different would the U.S. be if the stimulus packages that Congress distributed to its citizens was the purchase or leveraging of citizen’s digital assets? Compare this to the current quantitative easing as the GOV also “prints” and distributes more money to stimulate the economy/spending. And then, that new money goes unavoidably straight to the top furthering the wealth gaps more than ever!

Insiders know these “printings” will eventually seriously devalue our monetary system and then what?

Technology = power to the people. The time has come to use that power for higher purposes than extracting advertising dollars…

How different might family structures be among the poor and the masses if…

How much stronger would family structures be among the poor and the masses if family unity was incentivized via earned equities instead of incentivizing the division of families through perpetual handouts and hopelessness? Based upon our research, many societal problems are rooted in the lack of positive guidance which morphs into a general hopelessness and lack of desire to ever fit into a conventional way of living and it goes downhill from there. Imagine that steady guidance was incentivized in every kind of household. We must find ways to attract the despaired and ostracized to more productive modes of living. Potentially there are ways, think digital – let’s fix the math.

How much stronger will major corporations become if…

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” 🤔This is one of Albert Einstein’s most powerful quotes.

New tools (technology) applied to old problems (gross wealth gaps) can provide real change for the better but it has to begin with our thinking. What if consumer spending was considered a valid form of investment by businesses? By some qualified estimates consumer spending is approximately 70% of U.S . economic growth and/or GDP. How can an action this critical to an economy be excluded from the growth? Here’s where we need to change our thinking if we’ve had enough of the mass hopelessness and unavoidable hoarding of the wealth by a few. Technology as a tool can provide the algorithms, measurements and rewards we’ll need for all legit participants (law abiding citizens), to benefit from capitalism as co-owners of the economy. Think different.

“If stock markets can lose trillions almost overnight (early 2020) and then gain trillions during a pandemic in the midst of main street’s economic devastation, the truth is revealed: equity wealth is just value creation by the privileged within a manufactured dream world of the privileged where hope is monetized by the privileged. Don’t you think we the consumers deserve to benefit from the manufactured dream world too?”

If a manufactured dream world can be built to work for the privileged, then a manufactured dream world can be built that works for the masses based upon the elite’s same basic principles – let’s fix the math to provide nonspeculative passive income opportunities for all legitimate participants. Understanding that spending really is a valid form of investment is an important first step. Think digital.

So, why will corporations be willing to create new classes of shares for consumers? Insiders know issuing new shares is something corporations do frequently for various purposes but mainly to raise more money. How can corporations say no to the people who make them what they are? However; there is little sense in asking them before the digital infrastructure is in place. Think tactical, the time will come.

How much lower might crime rates be if…

Ever wonder why too many urban youths turn to a life of crime? From our research and personal experiences we conclude that the lack of proper guidance is contributory for sure, but why is there a lack of proper guidance? All eyes should turn towards an outdated system of capitalism that promises inclusive opportunities for growth for all yet in truth, even those willing to participate in the mathematical hoax are helping to increase the wealth gaps along the way. The system is rigged that way and even an under educated fool can see the host and parasitical relationship offers being presented by the status quo and more and more are just saying “no thank you” to the mathematical hoax. The lost generations.

We must find new ways to inspire the masses into productive modes and, there is nothing in the world that would unite and inspire citizens more than an updated technological version of capitalism.

For example, some of these kids are also fathers so now they’ve got baby mamas and the “State” to deal with. These pressures along with other cultural and societal pressures can be overwhelming for anyone but it’s particularly difficult for immature youths to handle well. Believe it or not, many of these youths see jail (or death) as solace and relief from these pressures. Free shelter, 3 meals and a cot, no angry calls from baby’s mama and time to think and dream about what you’re gonna do differently when you get out. Oh snap! Same old choices? Sadly, it’s a vicious cycle.

“Baby, how am I s’posed to send you some money when I’m locked down? You know wassup, go on get some help from the State, they the ones put me in here!”

Therefore, “…can’t do the time? Don’t do the crime…”, is almost laughable by today’s standards.

Imagine a young person thinking of robbing and stealing with the “new digital infrastructure” in place. He says to his boys, “…let’s hit the Jewel grocery store on the corner ya’ll.” One of his boys speaks up, “Fool, my mama owns a piece of Jewels, she been shopping there forever, hell no!” “OK” says the young wanna be a thug dude, “let’s smash and grab the Nordstrom downtown!” Now the others chime in together, “Hell no fool! We all own a piece of that bit#@, you must be out your mind!” And so they decide to go play some ball to get their aggressions out while avoiding trouble, all because they’ve been included. Get it?

We must find new ways to inspire the masses into productive modes and, there is nothing in the world that would inspire citizens more than an all inclusive technological version of capitalism.

So, how much lower would crime rates be if we presented better options than the status quo parasite & host relationship? Who really knows until we try? Think different, think digital, and think tactical – we should go for it.

Compatible Perspectives

We’ve found some compatible perspectives from some of the world’s most influential thought leaders. If only we could connect with these leaders, we could begin to change the world through strategic alliances, really:

Brian Thomas Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America – Mr. Moynihan has made it clear that he views the world and his responsibilities from an altruistic POV. He wants to improve the world for the many, not just a few. In our proposed new digital infrastructure banks will play a critical role in managing earned equities for the many while creating new revenue streams for banks and the many. Here’s a sample of Mr. Moynihan’s compatible perspectives:
“Capitalism is one of the best systems of ingenuity…”

William (Bill) Albert Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management – although Mr. Ackman is definitively a “money guy” as he is a hedge fund manager, yet he also exhibits a more empathetic side when he reimagines capitalism as he does in a recent MarketWatch interview:
“Bill Ackman on saving capitalism: Every child in the U.S. could …”

Raymond Thomas Dalio, billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist – Ray is one of our favorite go to guys regarding economies. There are very few people who can understand and can explain the workings of economies and historic economic trends as clearly as Ray does. Ray has been very vocal about the flaws in capitalism and he and his wife are known for their many philanthropic endeavors. But as Mr. Moynihan alludes to in the above article, “All the charitable givers in the world, including individuals, give away $1 trillion a year. It’s marvelous. It’s wonderful but it does not hit the $6 trillion.” Our feeling is that if Ray is sincere about fixing capitalism, he should probably put some money where his mouth is and help develop some newer systems (like our proposed digital infrastructure) that will better serve the many. Just go for it Ray! What’s to lose? Ray has way too many compatible perspectives to list but here’s a start: Ray Dalio warns of consequences from deepening inequality in America

Robert Frederick Smith, an American businessman, philanthropist, chemical engineer, and investor – Mr. Smith has been very generous over the years supporting a wide variety of causes through philanthropy and investments. It is not widespread that Mr. Smith is also a tech geek and innovator who earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Cornell University. The common perspective we see is his propensity to understand the powers of technology and how if innovators use those powers to “fix capitalism” versus using those powers to create massive advertising engines, they would most likely succeed. In Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Goin On” song his lyrics say, ..”who is willing to try, to save a world…” Here’s a link to Robert Smith’s: The Risks and Opportunities in Today’s Digital World “…liberating the human spirit…” deep dude.

Currently we are also reaching out to the following thought leaders: Chamath Palihapitiya, Tyler Perry, Dr. Pricilla Chan, Danielle DiMartino Booth, Joe Rogan, Paul Tudor Jones II, Rendel L. Solomon, Jeff Bezos, MacKenzie Scott, Rob Johnson and Michael Fosnaugh, to name a few. If anyone can help us connect it will be greatly appreciated.

Fixing the math: A Buyers Earned Equities Exchange

The bottom line is new forms of ownership for the masses. All citizens are justified stakeholders from birth and/or citizenship. We just need to create a technological version of capitalism to support the basic axiom that all humans are made in the image of our Creator. The HIGHLY ADVANCED SOCIETY

Fixing the math means creating economic transaction equations that make sense in today’s more diverse and advanced world. A world where massive scale data extraction and management systems are reliable and ubiquitous. Think digital.

Technology = power to the people. The time has come to use that power for higher purposes than extracting advertising dollars.

Fixing the math means building a vast new digital infrastructure that takes into consideration the known flaws in our current version of capitalism and then we can begin to update the flawed version with a digital version that will strengthen, inspire and unify our citizens like never before. Think different, think digital, and think tactical!

Who is willing to try?



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