The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein
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The Evolution of an Advanced Society to a
Highly Advanced Society

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🤫 Spending is a valid form of investment which enables GROWTH – without speculation!

So then, it’s all about fixing the math and the algorithms.

System and method for an all inclusive self-perpetuating consumption and growth modeled economy

Our Founders

As designed…

There is nothing in the world that would unite citizens more than an updated technological version of capitalism.

At the risk of over simplification, it seems to us that humans as a whole have reached a level of collective intelligence whereas plutocracies can no longer exert covert controls over the ways humans divide the wealth pie. What is missing is an all inclusive catalyst to the higher levels.

To strengthen family structures, to increase national pride and loyalty, to lower crime rates, to raise individual self-esteem, to better incentivize learning, to reduce fear levels across cultures, to make better immigration policies, to unite citizens like never before and much, much more – we need to update capitalism in ways that do NOT exclude, limit, or leave behind the masses within the growth equation.

Our financial system requires a hard reset if it is to ever truly serve people and the real economy instead of merely the investor class.

Nomi Prins
How much lower might crime rates be if…

Ever wonder why too many urban youths turn to a life of crime? From our research and personal experiences we conclude that the lack of proper guidance is contributory for sure, but why is there a lack of proper guidance? All eyes should turn towards an outdated system of capitalism that promises inclusive opportunities for growth for all yet in truth, even those willing to participate in the mathematical hoax are helping to increase the wealth gaps along the way. The system is rigged that way and even an under educated fool can see the host and parasitical relationship offers being presented by the status quo and more and more are just saying “no thank you” to the mathematical hoax. The lost generations.

We must find new ways to inspire the masses into productive modes and, there is nothing in the world that would unite and inspire citizens more than an updated technological version of capitalism.

For example, some of these kids are also fathers so now they’ve got baby mamas and the “State” to deal with. These pressures along with other cultural and societal pressures can be overwhelming for anyone but it’s particularly difficult for immature youths to handle well. Believe it or not, many of these youths see jail (or death) as solace and relief from these pressures. Free shelter, 3 meals and a cot, no angry calls from baby’s mama and time to think and dream about what you’re gonna do differently when you get out. Oh snap! Same old choices? Sadly, it’s a vicious cycle.

“Baby, how am I s’posed to send you some money when I’m locked down? You know wassup, go on get some help from the State, they the ones put me in here!”

Therefore, “…can’t do the time? Don’t do the crime…”, is almost laughable by today’s standards.

Imagine a young person thinking of robbing and stealing with the “new digital infrastructure” in place. He says to his boys, “…let’s hit the Jewel grocery store on the corner ya’ll.” One of his boys speaks up, “Fool, my mama owns a piece of Jewels, she been shopping there forever, hell no!” “OK” says the young wanna be a thug dude, “let’s smash and grab the Nordstrom downtown!” Now the others chime in together, “Hell no fool! We all own a piece of that bit#@, you must be out your mind!” And so they decide to go play some ball to get their aggressions out while avoiding trouble, and all because they’ve been included. Get it?

We must find new ways to inspire the masses into productive modes and, there is nothing in the world that would inspire citizens more than an all inclusive technological version of capitalism.

So, how much lower would crime rates be if we presented better options than the status quo parasite & host relationship? Who really knows until we try? Think different, think digital, and think tactical – we should go for it.

It turns out that everyone benefits when society meets the needs of the disadvantaged.

Isabel Wilkerson “CASTE”

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